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Claim Process


Our Contractors

NWC contractors are independent emergency response contractors specializing in exterior water and sewer line repair.

Contractors must have all current licenses, bonding, insurance and no unresolved complaints against them to serve our customers.

Would you like to suggest a contractor that you have had a good experience with? Please email us their company name, contact person and phone number to partners@nationalwatercompany.com


Our claim process:

  1. CALL US FIRST: If you discover a problem with your exterior water or sewer line you should call our 24Hour claims hotline to report the problem. 1-800-790-3201- press 1
  2. WE WILL DISPATCH HELP: Our claims managers will open a claim on your behalf and arrange for immediate dispatch of a contractor.
  3. CLAIMS REP: In many cases the first responder will be an NWC claims representative /technician. Our representatives carry a few tools and a camera for inspections, leak locates, and minor removal of sewer line obstructions such as roots or sludge impaction. If the problem is more involved the adjuster will quickly call in a contractor to clear up the problem.
  4. MAJOR REPAIRS: If the problem requires excavation a crew will be out to start the work within 24 hours from the time of notification of the claim. An NWC claims representative will also be involved to verify what needs to be done to bring the service line back to pre-event condition.
  5. BILLING: Our network contractors bill us directly for the work. Your claims manager and adjuster will inform you in advance if any part of a visit is not covered by your policy.



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